Private Label

Crucial aspect of Private Lab’s activity is to provide a complex product development service for our Clients. It is our comprehensive approach that differentiates from our competitors – each project is tailored for our customer from the sole idea up to delivering finished goods to our Partners warehouse. This kind of approach allows swift and efficient implementation of new products without engaging too much of Clients internal resources (both personal and financial wise).

Private Lab’s offer is mainly focused on specialty chemicals such as agrochemicals, biocides or household chemicals. We are experienced in delivering either semi-finished substrates for further processing or finished (ready-made) products designated for the end-user.

Private Lab’s additional advantage is our close cooperation with KJJ Consulting Group (, which gives us the ability to assist our Partners with full regulatory support required for placing chemicals on the market (i.a. obtaining the required permissions (e.g. crop protection products or biocides), necessary CLP labelling, certification etc.).

Do you have an idea for an innovative, unique product?
Don't hesitate to contact us - we are also able to undertake the analysis and realisation of a product that is not in our offer.

Under the private label we will produce

Biocides in various formulations

liquids, gels, granules, powders, concentrates, aerosols


products to repel mosquitoes, ticks and protected animals


products to enhance the performance of biocides, plant protection products

Products for mechanical insect control

The flagship products offered by Private Lab both under its own brand and under the brands of our
Partners can be seen here Our Products. At the Customer’s request, we can prepare each of the
products in a chosen graphic design, which allows for an easy expansion of the portfolio without
additional investment costs. We also have the possibility to develop new products from scratch –
according to the Customer’s idea.

What do you gain by choosing to start a partnership with us?

Ready-made product registrations
Support at every stage of the project
Highest product quality
Benefiting from many years of experience in the biocidal and plant protection products industry