Production centre


Production capabilities

Private Lab Ltd. provides formulation and confection services of plant protection products, fertilizers and biocides. We provide our clients with professional service and guarantee of the highest quality of products due to maintaining stringent anti-contamination ECPA guidelines. We cooperate with a certified analytical laboratory, which enables us to perform chemical analyses at every stage of the production process as well as quality assurance of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Liquid forms

production/formulation of soluble (liquid) concentrates (SL), emulsion concentrates (EC), suspension concentrates (SC) as well as ready-to-use solutions (RTU)
bottle packaging ranging from 0.01L to 1L
cans ranging from 2L to 20L, barrels, ICB containers
induction welding packaging
date & bath number imprinting on the packaging
labelling, packing into cartons, forming and securing for transport

Powder/granular products

formulation of powder and granulates products
confection in packaging ranging from 0.1 kg to 1.5 kg in LDPE and PVOH (water-soluble) foils
confection in bags ranging from 3 kg to 20 kg
imprinting production information on the packaging (date, lot number)
labelling, packaging in cartons, forming and securing for transport

Aerosol products (AE)

preparation of solutions for the production of aerosol products based on in-house or third parties recipes
preparation of a ready aerosol product for the customer

Additional services

recipes development
regulatory service in the field of CLP classification, label preparation and material safety data sheets
analytical services
purchase of raw materials and packaging
logistics of ready-made products and raw material
import and export of raw materials and products
other services