Private Lab

Your dedicated provider of specialty chemicals

Private Lab

Your dedicated provider of specialty chemicals

Our expertise

Private Lab operations may be split into 3 divisions

Providing comprehensive services focused on introducing new products under our Clients’ labels

Specialty chemicals offered under our or customer brand. Dedicated for our Clients which do not wish to develop its umbrella brand

Tolling and repacking of solid (powder and granulate), liquid and gel chemicals

Tell us what you need and let us worry about the rest!

Private Laboratories – Private LabelYour dedicated provider of specialty chemicals

The name Private Lab combines two concepts essential for implementation of Company’s mission

First part points at our ability to develop products for our Clients starting from the sole conception, through laboratory scale testing, up to implementation on industrial production (tolling) and repacking facilities.

Our offer is dedicated mainly for entities operating in specialty chemicals distribution (i.a. agrochemicals, biocidal products or household chemistry), which would like to develop theirs product portfolio without neither incurring significant investments in products registrations nor enlarging their regulatory, production or supply chain resources.

Private Label concept shows our market position against our Clients. Private Lab focuses on delivering tailor-made solutions which are introduced to the market under our Customer umbrella brands. Products labelled under Private Lab brandmark would only be sold to most trusted Clients which do not wish to develop its own brands.