4Clean Spray Max


Concentrated liquid with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect. Designed for disinfection of hands, equipment, devices, surfaces and process lines in food industry facilities, including surfaces that come into contact with food, disinfection of equipment and devices (excluding medical devices) and surfaces in the medical area (use in wellness salons, hairdressing and cosmetics facilities, catering establishments, etc.). Liquid for quick disinfection of small surfaces in the medical area, nursing homes, sanatoriums, fitness and SPA salons, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, massage salons, kindergartens, schools and for disinfection of surfaces with and without food contact. It is suitable for disinfecting surfaces such as worktops, tables, handles, holders and for hairdressing and cosmetic equipment and accessories. The product has a bactericidal effect, yeast-raising effect against mycobacteria, and a fighter against viruses in the casing.

Active substance: ethanol, contains 70 % by weight. – The most effective virucidal activity inactivating all lipophilic (sheathing) viruses! And such a virus is the coronavirus, but also flu, HIV and hepatitis HCV, HBV.

The best way to fight the virus is to have 70% alcohol content. It causes inactivation of the virus on surfaces – it destroys its shell, so that the contents of the microorganism’s inside are poured out and the germ becomes inactive. Too high level of alcohol makes the solution too aggressive for proteins. The destruction of the virus casing occurs too quickly, the proteins start to coagulate, forming an impermeable layer. This causes the inside of the microorganism to continue to be active, the virus can still be a threat.


– virucidal effect in just 1 minute





4 Clean Soap+

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Bactericidal liquid soap for hygienic hand washing.

Active substance: Alkyl (C12-16)-Dimethylbenzylammonium chloride (ADBAC/BKC (C12-16)) – 0.5g/100g

high antibacterial activity

wide PH range operation (4-10)

It destabilizes and destroys the lipid membranes of viruses together with the removal of microorganisms from the skin that cannot be removed by alcohol, making it a perfect complement to the protection against germs in combination with 4Clean Spray Max.


Application: Use without dilution. Apply 3 ml to wet hands, wash for 60 seconds, then rinse and dry.


Attachments: label, safety data sheet, ingredients data sheet